Reward & Experiences


We'll help you pinpoint the most suitable rewards for your program and your budget and ensure your audience is excited about working towards them.We offer services of creating a reward catalog across a cross-section of mediums – Web, Mobile, Print.

  • Extensive merchandise categories with well known brands such as audio visual, house & home, gifts, tools, sporting goods, gadgets and personal pampering, etc.
  • Experience based rewards
  • Gift cards - a preloaded, credit card style reward vehicle, redeemable at millions of retail and online outlets
  • Domestic & International Travel & Conferences
  • Customized business building rewards
  • Tickets to events, music, movies and books
  • e-vouchers - the ideal virtual gift voucher, almost universally accepted for online purchases worldwide

Get your people together for something special!

Nothing creates more of a buzz than an event, trip, or get together with a difference. Nobody does it better than our award-winning, full service, in-house corporate events and hospitality team. Our complete end-to- end project design and management service means we look after all the small and not-so-small details that can make a great occassion even better. We'll come up with a dazzling array of different options, activities and locations that needn't strain your finances. Then we'll custom build your event or activity, sourcing and managing every element.